Looking for a professional best wedding decorators in trichy ?. Avsamevents provides you with beautiful starlight background wedding stage decorations, and beautifies your wedding dreams. Our team is composed of young, creative and enthusiastic professionals. They understand and assist customers with innovative ideas. They learn from the wedding hall, lighting, seating and stage decorations, so that your wedding special moments can be integrated into the most Nice Trichy wedding decorator’s frame. As the best wedding organizers in trichy, we can say that you can see beauty in everything around you during the marriage stage.

Our marriage planner will help you complete the design with pure emotion, love and laughter. Our experts have created a best wedding decoration idea for Trichy to make your event more beautiful. SoLet arranges your wedding stage decoration and showcases love and flowers with best marriage decorators in Trichy.

  • Wedding Hall & Stage Design
  • Lights & setting Seating
  • Flowers/decoration


Whenever you think about your wedding, please bring your wedding album and wedding video to visit the wedding again.Our goal is to conceptualize your activities with different identities and perspectives. Our experienced creative team are experts in their respective fields and work with you to turn your wedding into a valuable event.

When you want to create wedding videos and photos in Trichy or anywhere, avsamevents will accompany you along the way. No matter what your dream is, whether it is frank photography or wedding photography, we will work together. When comparing wedding video and photography in trichy, we will make your wedding a reality as you observe every step of the journey. Solet uses our first-class craftsman photographer to create your art of life with creativity and vitality to capture the heartbeat of your wedding and turn it into a time stamp.We know how important your wedding moment is to you. Therefore, show the world how much love you have for love.

  • Pre-wedding functions
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Reception
  • Family & Bridal Potraits
  • Post-wedding functions
  • Photo Albums & Online hosting
  • CD & DVD production


Looking for marriage/wedding catering services in trichy? Without meals and satisfied guests, our celebration will not be completed.It is very difficult to hold a wedding perfectly, especially when it comes to the perfect combination of dining and food. Our cuisine consists of trichy’s various regions and cooking styles, and provides full service and tailor-made catering services in trichy.

By finding the best wedding foods in trichy, your event will be more delicious and your guests will want our flavor more. Avsamevents can also provide the most delicious vegetarian food for your feast. We also have a reputation for the best catering contractors and best catering services in the Trichy chain. And provide the best catering service in Trichy to take care of all your occasions.

  • North Indian
  • South Indian
  • Chinese or South Asian
  • Continental
  • Short eats & Desserts
  • Live counters
  • Crockery / Cutlery hire
  • Specialty Menus


Apart from having fun music and entertainment at weddings and parties, there is nothing happier than this. Let your guests remember a wedding full of entertainment. Planning a wedding is very busy, but through avasmevents for marriage services in Trichy, choosing entertainment becomes easy.

Once you have chosen your own venue, the expectation of bringing life to music and entertainment is our full responsibility. Great entertainment makes memories sweeter and happiness lasts longer! “Trichy’s Marriage Decoration Ideas”. Apart from having fun music and entertainment at weddings and parties, there is nothing happier than this. Let your guests remember a wedding full of entertainment. Planning a wedding may be busy, but through avasmevents for marriage services in Trichy, choosing entertainment becomes easy.

  • Music & dance arrangements
  • Wedding and religious songs selection
  • Fireworks & Laser shows
  • Live band, DJ’s and MC’s
  • Stand up comedy, Entertainers
  • Sound and Light shows


There are few things that you need to keep in mind while booking for an accommodation, the facilities price, and location .Our young budding team creates an all round plan for the guest accommodation. Our accommodation facility are highest in standards and also within the budget .

Our work starts from welcoming the guest ,taking care of our guest and offer them with the finest level of hospitality. Your guests will have a great time in attending your wedding. Being the best event planner in Trichy, we bring everything at your door step to enjoy your occasion with comfort.

  • Receiving Guests
  • Hotel Accomodation
  • Service Apartments & Lodges
  • Honeymoon Suites
  • Resorts & Star Category Accomodation
  • Itineraries & coordinating schedules


Find Your own Wedding Decorators in Trichy and decorate your whole event with your fantasy !!!!!Get your event beautifully crafted by our event planner team with flowers and balloon decoration.

The blooming Flowers always stand first to decorate your event, they are coming up with fresh new takes on a floral focal point. If you’re looking for something a little, then a balloon decoration conjure up images of traditional events with marriage planner in trichy. Tying small bunches of flowers and balloons will make your ceremony even more beautiful.

  • Wedding Hall & Stage Design
  • Lights & setting
  • Seating
  • Flowers/decoration


Make your big day perfect with the invitation card .our event management in trichy, puts maximum innovation to customize your invitation card that matches your event style. We stay up to date on trends with hundreds of designers for you that would be a tasteful choice in our catalog .

our skilled creative team are experts, design invitation cards in diverse tastes unique to each culture, gaining in sight from fashion to art. Make your wedding/ party a perfect occasion with style and that includes your invitation cards from the leading event planners in trichy.We are making your wedding event management in Trichy so much easier with avsamevents.Find out the best wedding cards in Trichy especially designed uniquely for you by our designers.

  • Wedding Invitation Design
  • Invitation Content & Wording
  • Invitation Printing
  • Thank You Cards
  • Hand delivery of wedding invitations
  • Postage inland & overseas
  • Courier Services



Joy is experienced from sharing. Show appreciation to your guest for attending your special day with special gifts. We make your gifts and giveaways that are filled with ideas and make your wedding favors that are easy, affordable and unforgettable.

 Along with this, send your guests off with a baggie full of joy. Four small gifts that lead to infinite happiness!!!!!

  • Wedding Gift ideas
  • Packaging, wrapping & delivery
  • Wedding favours
  • Thank You cards


Transport is the biggest part in the entire wedding plan. At present, we plan the wedding transportation conundrums and maintain a best possible solution to the guest.

We make surprisingly good deals in comparison with the other private transportation services. And we communicate the complete details with the guest from the car number till the timing details.

  • Wedding Car rental
  • Taxis – daily or hourly
  • Bus and mini-van hire
  • Wedding Travel bookings
  • Honeymoon packages
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